Tecnológico de Monterrey and edX, the leading online learning organization founded by Harvard and MIT, offer for the first time a Professional Certification Program in Family Businesses that provides strategies, tools and models to create synergy in the family business and ensure entrepreneurship through the generations.

Today it is increasingly common for large family businesses to seek a new profile of CEO, family or non-family, who not only masters knowledge of finance or administration, but has a robust profile in knowledge, skills and experience in family businesses.

About the Professional Certification Program in Family Businesses, Juan Pablo Murra, Dean of the Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey, said “the Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey recognizes the importance of family businesses in the world and has a firm commitment with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business families to develop transformational leadership that increases the value creation of the company and allows family transcendence. “

For his part, Matt Allen, Academic Director of the STEP Project and Professor at the University of Babson commented “the program of Professional Certification Family Businesses: Entrepreneurship and Leadership to Transcend, lay the foundations and provide deep knowledge and applied to business families, entrepreneurs , consultants and academics in the field of entrepreneurial family businesses to help them transcend. “

The Professional Certification Program in Family Businesses will begin on May 14 with its first course: Leadership in Family Business. The second course, foundations of entrepreneurship in the family business, will begin on July 16. Both courses are open for registration. To obtain more information about the courses that make up the program and to register, you can visit www.edx.org/es.

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